Business Registration Office in Belgrade

Registering a business in Serbia is the easiest way to get a residence permit and the tax rates for those wishing to set up a basic business are quite reasonable.

There is a type of business called Preduzetnik which is like a sole-trader or sole-proprietorship.  It also allows for a flat tax scheme where taxes are charged as a flat fee and there is no bookkeeping requirement for business expenses.  In some cases, this can result in a tax rate of less than 6% for people earning less than 6,000,000RSD (Approx. €50,000).

In order to set up this business you need to visit several different places:

  1. APR (Government Business Registration Agency)
  2. A bank to open up a business account
  3. A stamp maker to create a company stamp
  4. The tax office to register the business with the tax authorities.

You will also need an address with which to register the business.  We can help with that also.