Registration of foreigners

Serbian organisations and individuals providing accommodation to foreigners against payment, as well as locals hosting visiting foreigners, must register the foreigner’s stay with the local police station within 24 hours of the commencement of the accommodation arrangement, or of the foreign visitor’s arrival.

As a foreigner in Serbia, you are required to register with the police to get the “White Card” foreigner’s stay paper.  The properties we place people in allow us to do this with you without hassle.  Often when renting accommodation on sites like AirBNB, the landlords are unwilling or unable to do this, placing their guests in technical violation of the laws. 

It’s rare for a foreigner to be asked for this card when leaving the country, however if you intend to apply for a residence permit to stay in Serbia for longer, you will need this.  It’s also required if you want to open up a bank account and to perform other such business with private companies.